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Metal Art

Cosmic Skies

"Artist is one who is able by virtue of imagination, creativity and talent to create works of aesthetic value.  This is often a person who is outside the mainstream in terms of outlook and goals".  As a "Raw Artist" (not formally trained) I believe art is to be intimately enjoyed, my work is Contemporary, Abstract, Whimsical and incorporates many themes or my view of natural elements. In my metal art I use steel, stainless steel, aluminum, bronze and copper.  My painting work is done on handmade panels designed from my mind and created with my hands.

  Metal Art
My Metal Art incorporates freeform shapes, geometric designs and figures cut into them by hand using an oxy-acetylene torch or plasma torch.  The metal is “Flame Painted” using the heat of a torch or colorized by the use of acids and chemicals.  “Flame Painting” is term I coined to describe the process I use to heat the metal until brilliant colors appear, I helped pioneer this type of work over 25 years ago.  I use heat as well as acids and chemicals just like a painter would use acrylics, watercolors or oil paints.  The brilliant colors are achieved from countless hours of experimenting with the different combinations of heat and chemicals.  More recent work combines acids and heat on a copper panel to create “Impressionist Landscapes”.
Abstract and Whimsical Painting
My painting is done on hardboard and is both vivid and understated.  Bold simplicity mingles with intricate detail.  My paintings are striking from a distance and captivating up close.  I describe my paintings as “An expression of thought and emotion through color and abstract form”.  I apply a substrate to the handmade hardboard panels; during the hardening process I carve or gouge shapes and forms into the substrate.  Everything is quite spontaneous and becomes more detailed as the composition starts to show itself, the process involves layering.  The first layers are the most erratic and freeform.  During this layer time I create thick textures.  There are no preliminary sketches or notions of what is going to transpire.  As I work I notice different characters, shapes and forms in the middle of the process which I then nurture and allow to develop almost at their own will.  Once the substrate dries I apply multiple layers of color combining acids, acrylics, traditional paint, automotive paint, charcoals, oils, my own paint creations and sometimes other elements like pumice, gels and collage to create added layers.  Determining when a painting is finished is a crucial and difficult step in my process.  I always have to see it with fresh eyes after at least a day has passed to decide it is finished. The combination of materials and final coating creates a shimmering, glossy, vibrant, multi-layered piece that achieves an almost three-dimensional depth.  My art has the appearance of fused glass or enamel on metal, but is in fact mixed media on hardboard.